President McCauley Announces the Beginnings of Coeducation in his Report to the Board of Trustees

June 26, 1883

In his annual report to the Board of Trustees, President McCauley announces the beginning of coeducation at Dickinson College. The President asserts that since the first conversations regarding the admittance of women, changes have been made to the college buildings. Such changes include the building of rooms in which to hold recitation. Previously, recitation was held in men's dormitories (a location women in which women were not permitted).

The President explained, ""Whereas the Brd of Trustees two years ago referred the question of admitting ladies into the college classes upon the same condition as gentlemen to the Faculty, and whereas the faculty did not feel free at that time to recommend such admission on acct of the arrangement & condition of the recitation rooms at that time and Whereas that obstacle to such admission is now happily removed therefore, - Resolved that th Faculty recommend to the Board of Trustees that ladies be admitted to the classes of the college upon the same conditions as gentlement¬Ě As this recommendation is in accord with the preponderant sentiment of the time in our own & other countries & as if adopted, the Faculty wd anticipate advantage to the college from its operation, it is commended to yr careful consideration."

The first women entered Dickinson College in the fall of 1884.

Location of Document in Archives
Trustee Minutes 1874-1892, vol. 6