Constitution of the Student Self-Government Association

September 1919

The object of "The Student Government Association of the women of Dickinson College" (as refered to in the student handbook of 1919) was to "enact and enforce laws in accordance with the charter granted to the association by the President and Dean of Dickinson; to transact business pertaining to the whole body of women students in so far as it lies within its power." This association was comprised of officers and an executive board that made all final decisions. Mildred Conklin served as President of the executive board, Mary Hering was Vice-president, Anna Place served as secretary, Eleanor Blackburn served as treasurer, Louise Hurlbert served as senior representative to the board,  and Judith Blackburn acted as the sophomore representative. The constitution outlined policies on meetings, membership, the election process, distribution of powers and duties, and an extensive list of provisions concerning "quiet and order" for women. The entire constitution was published in the student handbook of 1919-1920.

Location of Document in Archives
Student Handbook 1919-20