Women's Athletic Association of Dickinson College

September 1921-22

The constitution and by-laws of the Women's Athletic Association of Dickinson College are printed in the 1921-22 student handbook. The constitution details rules concerning membership, officers and their obligations to the positions they hold. Virginia Watts served as president for the organization and was responsible for meetings, appointing committees, and acting as a liason to "college authorities to promote athletics." Helen Conklin was Vice-president, Frances Smith served as secretary, Mary Cohick as Treasurer, Helen Strayer as hiking captain, and Helen Wehrle as hiking manager. The by-laws outlines information on earning "letters," for example, "good moral character and a scholastic standing if not less than D in any subject shall be requisites" for earning a letter. Regulations on wearing letters are also outlined in the by-laws section of the constitution.

Location of Document in Archives
Student Handbook 1921-22