Dr. Meyerson's Views, "The Proper Study of Womankind"

September 22, 1972

During the dedication of the Charles Nisbet Campus on September 15th, 1972, Dr. Martin Meyerson was one of the speakers invited. Dr. Meyerson who was a renowned educator,an authority on urban affairs and president of the University of Pennsylvania led a lecture on a topic of "The Proper Study of Womankind." He offered a brief history of the female in society from Eve's time through the 1970's, emphasizing the often passive role of a woman. Dr. Meyerson emphasized the question of whether or not colleges and universities have had a special responsibility to their female students. After asking questions such as, "Should a college hire a female to act as a role model even if she might not be as competent as a potential male condidate?" Dr.Meyerson's conclusion was that "the time was long overdue for women to be included in Alexander Pope's famous phrase, "The proper study of mankind is man.""

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Dickinsonian September 22, 1972