"Voices of Today's Woman" Exploring Women's Rights

September 29,1972

Mary Ames Raffensperger, M.D. and C. DeLores Tucker were main speakers at "Voices of Today's Woman," a special seminar devoted specifically to women. Dr.Raffensperger was a Coordinator of Rehabilative Services of Childrens' Hospital of Philadelphia and Associate Professor of Pediatrics of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Ms. Raffensperger was also a Trustee of the College, where she received the honorary Doctor of Science degree in 1965.

Workshops consisted of "Where Does Ms. Stand in Her Rights and responsibilities?" led by Ester Polen, Research Associate in the Unit of Law and Psychiatry at Temple University Law and Medical Schools. Other topics such as "Sex-Role Stereotypes" and equality for women in higher education were discussed that weekend.

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Dickinsonian September 29, 1972