"Personals" - What Now? [Part 7]

February 1926
  • Gertrude Super Curtis, class of 1902, went on to teach French and English in the High School, Santa Ana, CA.
  • Georgia M. Cranston, class of 1906, had to resign her position in the Yonkers High School because of ill health and spent the winter of 1925 in St. Augustine, FL.
  • Mary S. Maust, class of 1910, and her husband Grathwohl C. Curran (of the same graduating class) left on a trip to Cuba on Feb. 3, 1926.
  • Marjorie L. McIntire, class of 1910,  became the State Chairman of the 3rd year Latin group of the Classical Association of NJ. During one of the conventions she served on the Reception committee of the Atlantic City A. A. U. W.
  • Ruth Sellers, class of 1915, was elected to teach at a new High School being built in Lemoyne, PA (1926).
  • Katherine B. Riegel, class of 1920, was married December 1st, 1925 to Mr. Frank Mumma in Mechanicsburg.They were to move to South Market St., Mechanicsburg.
  • Oella Liggett, class of 1923, became a member of the faculty of the Carlisle High School. Her engagement to James Malcolm Stott was announced at a luncheon she held in her home to former Dickinsonian friends including: Virgina Watts (1924); Rachael Shelley (1924) [married name: Stetler];Kathryn Wagner (who did not graduate along with her class of 1924) [married name: Porter]; Janet Loy (who did not graduate along with the class of 1924); Dorothy Line (1924) [married name: Garrett]; and Sarah McCrea (1921) [married name: Chapman].
  • Rose S. Buckson, class of 1924, was married to J. Layton Moore on June 30, 1925. The marriage was conducted by her father at Grace M. E. Church in Millsboro, DE.
  • Elizabeth DeMaris (1924) was maid of honor. Elizabeth Chambers and Louise Sumwalt (both members of the class of 1924) were bridesmaids. Marian Keen (1924) sang, and Ruth Read (1924) played the wedding march.
  • Rachel Shelly, class of 1924, became a teacher of mathematics in the high school in Middletown, PA. She was married to Russell A. G. Stetler on December 9, 1925.
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Dickinson Alumnus February 1926