First Yearbook Pictures of Female Students


The 1892 Microcosm was the first yearbook to show class pictures of the 1893 students, which included female classmates. The women shown are Eurania Ruth Mapes, Laura Spenser, and Mary Ann Humrich. It also documents that Laura Spenser was the class Vice-President.

Female Students Represent in Forensics


The Microcosm's page on the Debate Squad referenced the effect of World War II on the size of the team. As a result of the lack of male "veterans," three women tried out for the team during the first semester and were the first women "in recent history" to represent Dickinson in forensic contests. According to the Microcosm, President Corson approved their participation in the debate squad and hoped that more women would become involved every year.

Female Editor-in-Chief of Dickinsonian

October 20, 1989

Virginia Weber (Class of 1946) claims in an interview to be the first female editor-in-chief of  The Dickinsonian. Asked if she believed that she became the editor due to the shortage of students during the war, she responded affirmatively, saying that "there was a lot of competition" for the position: applicants submitted editorials and were judged by a faculty committee. Weber recalls that the newspaper ran stories related mostly to campus events and did not usually cover national or international events.

The Board of Trustees Endorses the Hiring of Female Faculty

May 11, 1918

On motion of Trustee Frank Lynch in 1918, the president of the College was allowed to hire female faculty members. The president was allowed to do so if, "it seems to the President of the College that better service can be secured by the employment of one or more women as instructors."

Mary R. Burton Establishes Lloyd Hall, the First Women's Dormitory

February 7, 1905

In remembrance of Reverend J. R. Lloyd, Mary R. Burton donated $5,000 to Dickinson College in 1905. Burton requested that a portion of her donation go to the establishment of the first women's dormitory at Dickinson College. Moreover, she asked that the dormitory be named in honor of Reverend Lloyd.

College Explores Female Role in Contemporary World

September 22, 1972

During the weekend of October 5-8th of 1972, a College symposium entitle "Voices of Today's Woman" took place. The committee composed of the Dean of Women Mary Watson Carson, Pam McFarland, who was a graduate intern at the College, and a group of women students planned a diverse program consisting of a play, panel discussions, guest speakers and get-togethers.

Women's Glee Club

September 1923

This is the first mention of a "Women's Glee Club" in the 1923-24 student handbook, published by the Christian organizations. According to the handbook, the "women's glee club is analogous to the men's glee club" and gives several recitals throughout the academic year.

Suggestions to Freshmen Women

September 1922-23

A list of seven suggestions to freshmen women is included in the student handbook of 1922-23. Following the list of mandated rules for freshmen women, suggestions regarding academic success, religion, college spirit, social life, campus/dorm room aesthetics, community life, and athletics are given to every freshman woman. Although these "suggestions" were not enforced, they were highly stressed to freshmen women to follow. The suggestions to freshmen women appear to have been endorsed by the Women's Student Government Association of Dickinson College.

President McCauley Announces the Beginnings of Coeducation in his Report to the Board of Trustees

June 26, 1883

In his annual report to the Board of Trustees, President McCauley announces the beginning of coeducation at Dickinson College. The President asserts that since the first conversations regarding the admittance of women, changes have been made to the college buildings. Such changes include the building of rooms in which to hold recitation. Previously, recitation was held in men's dormitories (a location women in which women were not permitted).

President and Vice President of Y.W.C.A. Portraits included in 1915-16 Student Handbook

September 1915

In the 1915-16 student handbook, published by the Christian Associations are the portraits of Anna M. Shuey, President of the Young Women's Christian Association, and Helen Jones, Vice-president. Prior to the 1915-16 academic year only the portraits of the President and Vice-president of the Young Men's Christian Association were included in the student handbooks funded by both Christian organizations. Also included in the student handbook is the full constitution of the YWCA as well as its mission statement.