Safety Pinned

November 22, 1963

In The Dickinsonian, the "Twinings" sections lists couples who have become pinned or engaged. This issue of newspaper also features those who have been "safety pinned." In this case, Darla and Bill Paterson gave birth to Scott William.


October 4, 1963

Under a section entitled "Twinings" in The Dickinsonian, the editorial staff listed campus marriages, engagements, and pinnings.

Cupid Hits Target

November 16, 1962

The Dickinsonian staff reported in "Cupid Hits Target" that seven fraternities had announced pinnings. Neil Knowlton of Sigma Alpha Epsilon pinned Carol H. French from the Hague, Holland. Pinning occured when a man gave his pin to a woman in order to indicate publically that they were a romantic item.

Panty Raids and Water Fights in the '50s

March 28, 1988

Jane Myers Sellers (Class of 1955) describes in an interview the relationship male and female students had at Dickinson during the 1950s. She reports that there were panty raids, water fights, and serenading. During these so-called "panty raids," men would invade the women's dormitories and steal panties.