Lucky Linda Pearsall...

October 7, 1961

An advertisement in The Dickinsonian for the Fashion House on Pitt Street reads "lucky linda, you lucky doll,  have won our Dalton cashmere cardigan...pop in anytime and pick it up." The advertisement implies that a female Dickinson student won the cardigan.

For the gals they look at

February 17, 1961

An advertisement in The Dickinsonian for the Fashion House, a store on Pitt Street in Carlisle, offered clothing for men and women. It advertises men's clothing with "For the button-down men: Plaid madras button-down pullover shirt...." For women's clothing, on the other hand, it reads, "For the gals they look at: knee-length madras kitties...."

Advertisements in the 1893 Microcosm for Women's Colleges


The 1893 Microcosm was the first one to display advertisements of colleges for women.There are two colleges being advertised, both Irving College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

Advertisement for Dickinson College in the 1890 Microcosm


The 1890 Microcosm shows an advertisement for Dickinson College and the services it offers. In the category of the Preparartory Department, the advertisement mentions, "The course of study covers three years, and prepares students of both sexes thoroughly for Dickinson College, or for any literary institution in the country." This shows the college's acceptance of co-education by advertising directly for new students of both sexes.