Sexual harassment

Tari Getz Writes about the Women's Center

June, 1988

This article by Tari Getz '91 in the June 1988 edition of Dickinson Today presents the history, purpose and spirit
of the Women's Center, describing it as a place of comfort for all.

Women's Center Talk on Sexual Harassment

April 13, 1988

The Women's Center sponsored Dr. Mary Leonard, staff psychologist and associate professor at University of Maryland, and Ms. Lori Serratelli, Harrisburg attorney, to speak on sexual harassment in the Weiss Center.

Students participate in national "Rally for Women's Lives"

April 13, 1995

This Dickinsonian article discusses how a delegation of students from the College "joined over 100,000 women as they rallied in Washington, D.C., protesting violence against women." It mentions the inclusion of the Clothesline Project, both at the rally itself and at Dickinson.

Sexual harrasment policy under review

March 2, 1995

This Dickinsonian article discusses the review of the College's sexual harrasment policy following a request from the Women's Commission the previous year.

"Women unite, take back the night"

November 10, 1994

This Dickinsonian article discusses Rape Awareness Week that began with "Take Back the Night", a march through the dining hall which culminated in a "speak out" in the HUB.

Opinion: The status of Women

October 17, 1991

An opinion piece responding to many of the issues raised by the College's status of women report, incorporating discussion of the recent confirmation hearings of Clarence Thomas.

"Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Life at Dickinson"

April 26, 1994

In her paper entitled "Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Life at Dickinson," Alison Thomas analysed Dickinson's burgeoning GLB movement on campus and what caused the sudden consciousness. To do so, she interviewed a variety of Dickinsonians, many who identified as queer.

Presidents' Council Minutes: Reactions to Women Being Bothered

January 16, 1963


During the Presidents' Council (Women's Interdormitory Council) meeting of January 16, 1963, the issue of women being 'bothered' by men on and off campus was addressed and Dean Wishmeyer explained the procedure for handling this:


President's Council Minutes: Procedure for Women Being "Bothered "

November 8, 1961

During the Presidents' Council (Women's Interdormitory Council) meeting of November 8, 1961 women were advised of how to react when bothered at night:

"Annoucements: Whenever girls are bothered by anyone on the way to their dorms at night, they should report the matter to Dean Wishmeyer immediately."