Maxwell, Margaret S.

First Known Sorority is Secret


The first mention of a sorority is documented in the 1893 Microcosm amidst the pages of fraternities. All that is stated is the initials A.H.L. as well as their colors, gold and lavender. The members include Mary A. Humrich, Eurania R. Mapes, Margaret A. B. Line, Elizabeth Root, Charlotte B. Gardner, and Margaret S. Maxwell. No further explanation is given about the chapter and it is never mentioned again in any subsequent yearbooks.

Browning Literary Society of 1890


The Browning Literary Society was the first mention in the 1890 Microcosm of a society with female involvment. The society was completely comprised of women. It seems that almost all the women who were on campus were involved with the Browning Literary Society. The President was Jessica Dale Longsdorff, Vice-President was Leonora Whiting, Business Manager was Elizabeth A.