Female Student Receives Summer Job Offer

March 29, 1921

Miss Eslinger received notice of a job offer from Girard College as an "experienced substitute dietitian" for the summer of 1921. She would assist 500-600 boys and would be paid $137.50 for 1 month's work. $137.50 dollars in 1921 had roughly the same buying power as $1638 in 2009. There is no information in the scrapbook that implies that Miss Eslinger took the job for the receipt stub at the bottom, which notifies the Bureau of Occupations for Trained Women that the job offer had been accepted or denied, is still attached.

Letter from the Bureau of Occupations for Trained Women

February 23, 1921

Written from Rachel Pflaum of the Bureau of Occupations for Trained Women in Philadelphia in response to Miss Margaret Eslinger's request for information, this letter explains the process of becoming a member. In the post script, it indicates that Miss Eslinger had been looking for a position at hotels or summer resorts. The Bureau suggests that she apply directly to those hotels. If she needs any further help, she will need to register and have an interview. This sort of placement service for women appears to help to assist educated women find employment.

Good Manners and Good Form


From the Eslinger Scrapbook, there are three small pamphlets on Good Manners and Good Form: Courtesy of To-Day Between Men and Women, At the Table, and Entertaining. At the Table, men should seat women first from oldest to youngest. One's waist should remain 5 inches from the table's edge. Don't eat with your mouth open. Elbows, while eating ,should be no more than 6 inches away from the body on either side.

Pledge Formals and the Ladies of Metzger Hall

April 1963

Barbara Wishmeyer, the Dean of Women for the Academic Year 1962-1963, included photographs of her female students in her scrapbook of their pledge formal attire during the sorority rush/pledge spring season. Women had the opportunity to pledge Chi Omega, Phi Mu, Pi Beta Phi, and Zeta Tau Alpha. In these photographs from top to bottom are:

Peggy McBee

Doris Detweiler '66

Carol Frey '66

Ann Davis

Elisabeth Lane '66

Lori Shimer

Fall Panhellenic Rules 1962


From the Wishmeyer Scrapbook, this listing provides over a dozen rules and regulations for all girls rushing sororities. Things like social phone calls between upperclass women and freshman  and showing any "preference between upperclassmen and freshman or rushee or unaffiliated upperclasswoman going through rush" are absolutely forbidden. In the text here, counselors must remain impartial and not support any one sorority by wearing letters or insignia or discussing certain sororities.

Greek Life in 1963

February, 1963

A photograph from the Wishmeyer Scrapbook shows a room ransacked of its contents during the rush season. The caption reads: "During the 'Silent Period' we raided our counsellors' room of all contents- what could they say??!" This probably relates to the many rules, also found in the Wishmeyer Scrapbook, listed as Fall Panhellenic Rules, that female students faced while rushing and pledging.

Sunbathing at Metzger

May 1963

Female students sunbathe outside behind Metzger Hall in May 1963, relaxing or perhaps studying. Swimsuits showing lots of leg obviously in style!

Metzger Hall Tips for Freshman


From the Wishmeyer scrapbook, this schedule of meals includes etiquette regarding when to say or sing Grace before meals, seating assignments, and dress code. All meals are family style and occur at specific times throughout the day, much unlike our modern cafeteria meal plans today.

St. Lucia Day in Metzger Hall

January 1963

Alice Watts, Priscilla Hinebauch (Class of 1966), Elizabeth Wagner (Class of 1966, and Joanne Harris (Class of 1965) dress up for Saint Lucia Day in Metzger Hall, January 1963.

"What a Serenade!"

May 1963

Kim Larsen (Class of 66) returns indoors through a Metzger Hall window after being serenaded by a male student outside.