Follmer, Phoebe

Another leave of absence for Dean of Women

June 1, 1951

Dean of Women Phoebe Follmer Bacon, formerly Phoebe Follmer, requested another year's leave of absence in order to join her husband for his military duty.

Dean Follmer marries and takes a leave of absence

December 10, 1950

President William W. Edel mentioned in his report to the Board of Trustees that Phoebe Follmer married John F. Bacon on November 11, 1950 and was granted a leave of absence without pay for the rest of the academic year. The college appointed Mary-Margaret Kellogg as Acting Dean of Women with the Rank of Instructor for part-time service at a salary of $125.00 per month. He requested the board's approval for this action.

New Dean of Women...Again


The 1951 Microcosm lists a new dean of women, Mary-Margaret Kellogg. In 1950, the Microcosm listed Phoebe Follmer as dean of women.