Preparatory School

Miss Amy Fisher '95: First Regular Female Dickinson Teacher

January 1896

Miss Amy Fisher, class of 1895, was the first "regular lady teacher" associated with "this historic old institution." She had been in charge of the study halls at the Prep School, but in Spring 1896 began to teach regular classes at Dickinson. The rest of this entry in the Dickinsonian lauds the College on its liberal views:

"Will the Co-Eds Wear Them?" at the Prep School

December, 1884

The December 1884 issue of the Dickinsonian mentions in its "Locals" section a brief humorous statement about the Preparatory School and the co-eds. Apparently, the new Prep class will be wearing blue Turkish fezzes with red tassels, but the big question is, "Will the co-eds wear them?"

"A Basket of Peaches" at the Prep School


The Preparatory School section of the Microcosm had a page dedicated to a few women of the school. Not much is said about the purpose of the page except for a quote that "If poetry be thought in flower, Goodness is thought in fruit." This page is perhaps to recognize these 11 women for their good works and deeds.

Preparatory School's Gamma Epsilon Literary Society Included Women


The 1900 Microcosm was the first year to show women participating in the Gamma Literary Society. This literary society is special to the Preparatory School and included four female members. No further information is known about the society.

First Mention of a Woman in Prep School


The Dickinson College Catalogue from 1880-1881 has the first reference to a female student at the prepatory school. The list of prepatory students includes "Z. L. Longsdorff," presumably Zatae Longsdorff.

Another Literary Society Created by Female Preparatory Students


Around the time that the Harman Literary Society was being created at the college, the Preparatory School also formed their own literary society. The society, named Sigma Epsilon Literary Society, included all female students. The officers were President M. Lou Sheets, Vice-President Ruth D. Barrett, Secretary Emma S. Liggett, Treasurer Mary C. Gerber, and Critic E. Maud Soper. The other members include Emma Frances Reeme, Mary C. Love, Helen Whiting, Emma F. Leidigh, Gertrude L. Super, Edith M. Super, and Dora M. Bell.

Preparatory School Faculty Includes a Woman


Amy Fisher, an 1895 graduate of Dickinson College, was the first woman to teach at the Preparatory School. In 1896 she is included in the Preparatory School faculty, noted as "In Charge of Study Hall". While teaching at the school, she was also earning her Master of Arts degree in 1897. After obtaining her degree, she became the assistant principal of a high school in Doylestown, Pennsylvania until 1904. She resumed her employment at Dickinson College in 1932 as curator of the Dickinsoniana collection.