Office of Student Services

Your Health: Matter of Life and Death!

January 1978

Brochure for a mini-week program entitled "Your Health: A Matter of Life and Death!" that runs from January 30th to February 1st.  Sessions include "Improving Institutional Foods" (moderated by Priscilla Laws), "Depression/Stress and You" (Mary Ellen Rich), "Transitions--How to Deal with Loss" (James Rimmer), "Exercise and Physical Fitness" (Sandra Stitt and David Watkins), "Are You What You Eat?" (moderated by Silvine Marbury), "Your Sexuality, and Your Physical and Emotional Health" (Barbara Chaapel and John S.

Women's Resource Center Newsletter, Vol. 1, No, 4

circa February 1978

The fourth newsletter of the Women's Resource Center.  The articles in this issue summarize the talks given during the Mini-Week series "Your Health: A Matter of Life and Death!" that they co-sponsored with the Office of Student Services.  Articles include "Campus Food Consciousness," "Depression and Stress: A Growth Process," "Death and Dying: How We Cope," "Physical Fitness and Awareness," "The Mini-Week: A Wealth of Knowledge," "Chaplain Reist on Sexuality," "Food Fiction," and "Too Sweet?" as well as a comment by Martha Aleo on the Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) and their

Field Trip to Aid Women With Career Opportunities

November 3, 1972

On November 10th, 1972, junior and senior women of the College had an opportunity to expand their knowledge of career opportunities for women by sponsering a trip to Washington Opportunities for Women (W.O.W.). Originally focusing on the jobs for women of low economic status, the W.O.W. bureau, a branch of the Department of Labor, extended its function to include career counseling for women of all ages and backgrounds.

Ms. Pam McFarland was the organizer of the trip, and 40 female students attended.

Rubendall's Response to Schafmeister

March 29, 1972

President Howard L. Rubendall responds to Vincent Schafmeister's second letter of March 23 on behalf of Mary Frances Carson. Rubendall does not specifically cite the Social Opinion Survey or the Women's Group in his response, instead writing that Schafmeister's choice to inform the President of the Board of Trustees about his concerns was "most appropriate."

Women's Group Members 1971-72


The Office of Student Services published a list of members of the Women's Group for the 1971-72 Academic Year. These women included: Melissa Maholick, Debby Marcus, Barbara Levering, Kathy Jaquith, Beverly Burns, Cindy Hawley, Joan Eltonhead, Millie Harden, Donna J. Young, Kerry Kushinka, Rita Donegan, Abby Adams, Jane Holloway, Linda Keppel, Sharon Jenkins, and Ann Reinberger. It also listed the contact information for these women.