"The State of Women at Dickinson"

May 1981

Christina Bartolomeo writes an article for The Dickinson College Magazine in the May issue of the publication about the state of women on campus. In her article she includes several interviews from various women on campus, many of whom say that the status of women is discouraging.

Phi Beta Kappa Members


Warren J. Gates, the Robert Coleman Professor Emeritus of History put together a Handbook for the Alpha Chapter of PA of Phi Beta Kappa. Included was this chart, showing the number of degree-seeking and class-attending male and female inductees over multiple decades. We can see that in many years, women rivaled men in earning this national honor.

History of Metzger Hall

October 1983

Written by Martha Slotten, this history of Metzger explains the building's early beginnings as a Prep School for Girls. After Drayer was built in the early 1950s, only freshman girls lived in Metzger until it was sold in 1963 and later dismantled. The completion of Drayer offered a local housing option for female students who would no longer have to walk many blocks to classes.

Equality for Females: Our Rights Today!

c. 1984

Circa 1984, this constitution for the Equality for Females student organization outlines its mission of creating a community that better understands current feminist issues.

Slimnastics c. 1982

c. 1982

1980s Physical Education Offering for Women, Slimnastics.

Happy Women


Kristy Sutherland, '83, and Donna Yoder, '83 happily stand together in front of Dickinson's library, reading a magazine as the camera looks on.

"ADE goes Gamma Phi Beta"

January 31, 1980

An article in the Dickinsonian announces that the local Alpha Delta Epsilon sorority voted to affiliate with the national sorority Gamma Phi Beta. The group was to be a colony as of February 9 and initiated as the Delta Rho chapter to the international sorority in May of 1980. The former President of ADE, Peggy Silberthau, said that the group was “looking for more structure, support, and guidance from a strong organization which could also offer us advisors and active alumni support” and which they ultimately found in Gamma Phi Beta.

Black Arts Festival Features Talented Female Choreographer

March 6, 1988

Dickinson College’s annual Black Arts Festival or Multicultural Fair featured a concert by The Philadelphia Dance Company “Philadanco” on Sunday, March 6, 1988.  The company, which was comprised of predominantly black dancers, presented a program of five pieces of contemporary choreography.  The only female choreographer of the bunch was Elisa Monte; her piece was entitled “Dream Time.”