Teitrick, Ruth

Punishments for Freshman Women Were Discussed at Women's Student Senate Meeting

October 2, 1922

On October 2, 1922 the minutes to the Women's Student Senate were recorded and there was more discussion on rules for freshmen women. On the previous case of a student disobeying the rule of not wearing her freshman arm band, the senate decided not to punish her on the grounds that she was a freshman previously at Wilson College. Punishments for freshmen women who violate their rules were discussed and determined at the meeting. For the girls who live at Metzger Hall, they "should make beds" and that the "Day Students should wash the blackboards at Denny."

Freshman Women Must Wear Arm Bands

September 25, 1922

The September 25, 1922 minutes from the Women's Student Senate discussed various affairs, one particularly emphasized was the case of female freshmen rules. It was decided that freshmen women had to wear arm bands to breakfast and on their coats. Failure to comply with this rule caused the creation of the "freshman rule", as one woman learned. She had been a freshman at a previous college and then came here, refusing to wear her arm band.

"Personals" - What Now? [Part 9]

November 1926
  • Mary Ann Humrich, graduate of 1893, served on a committee in charge of the plans and building of Grace Reformed Church (Shippensburg, PA). The erection of the building cost $100,000. Humrich also served seven years as Recording Secretary of the Civic Club. There she was selected as a delegate to the tri-ennial convention of Women's Federated Clubs.
  • Mary A. Rebert did not graduate with the class of 1895. Married to Willam H. Ford, the couple spent the months of August and July of 1926 in Barrie, Ontario.

The McIntire Literary Society is Pictured in the 1925 Microcosm


Founded in 1925, the McIntire Literary Society was depicted in the 1924 Microcosm. Frances Smith, Evelyn Wardel, Della Fitzgerald, Ruth Taylor, Mary Miller, Ruth Teitrick, and Erma Porteus served as officers during the 1923-1924 school year. The society was comprised of forty members.

The McIntire Literary Society Published a Brief History of their Organization in the 1926 Microcosm


In the 1926 Microcosm, the McIntire Literary Society published a brief history of their organization. According to the organization's historian Amanda Wertz, the McIntire Literary Society was founded on January 5, 1921. On that day, the society was named, the constitution adopted, and the meeting time set for every Wednesday afternoon at 1:30. A very active organization, the literary society held programs dealing with "literary topics" and a debating team was established.

"Co-Eds Conquer Rivals in Basketball"

February 1924

For the first time in the history of Dickinson College, the Women's Basketball Team (a.k.a. the Co-Eds) played an extensive schedule against other colleges.
They defeated Gettysburg with a score of 31 to 13 and were victors against Lebanon Valley with a score of 42 to 15.
At the time of the publication, the Co-Eds remained to play against Shippensburg Normal School, Temple University and Ursinus. The last of these would be home games played on the floor of Carlisle's Y. W. C. A - which was directed by Ruth Walker.