Social Rules Evaluation Committee

Social Rules Evaluation Committee Approved by Sui Generis

February 20, 1961

According to the official minutes of Sui Generis, a local women's sorority with a non-selective policy, the proposal of a Social Rules Evaluation Committee was approved in 1961. The main purpose of the Committee was to create a system of accountability for those members of sororities who were caught drinking.

Women in Fraternities

September 21, 1961

An article in The Dickinsonian, "New Social Rules Changes Result from SREC Efforts," explained some of the changes adopted that the Social Rules Evaluation Committee proposed, including unchaperoned visiting hours for women in fraternity houses as well as more permissive visiting policies for men in sorority houses. The SREC's proposals also resulted in increased late hours and car privileges for upperclass women with a minimum grade point average.

Women's Regulations under Scrutiny

November 4, 1960

According to an article in The Dickinsonian, the Social Rules Evaluation Committee, formed to address the potential change to social rules, chose to evaluate women's regulations and sorority social regulations. The committee adopted this philosophy for procedure: "The work of this committee is predicted [sic] on the belief that college students are mature, responsible people capable of setting up a sound, acceptable social code of their own and also of enforcing this code upon themselves...."