Shulman, Max

The Many Loves of Thorwald Dockstader

February 9, 1962

Max Shulman writes "The Many Loves of Thorwald Dockstader," a humorous story of a male student's dating escapades, to double as an advertisement for Marlboro cigarettes in The Dickinsonian. Thorwald decides to "take up" girls, and instead of selecting the first girl who comes along, "he sampled." He dates three different girls: an English major who writes a poem for him, a physical education major who exercises with him, and a "non-major" named Totsi who loves to eat.

Dating and Poverty

November 10, 1961

Max Shulman writes another humorous piece in The Dickinsonian that doubles as a cigarette advertisement. Shulman tells that story of Blossom, an "impecunious freshman at an Eastern girls' college," who would not date due to lack of money.

The Dating Season

October 27, 1961

In a humorous column that doubles as a cigarette advertisement, Max Shulman writes about "The Dating Season" and how to treat a girl. In order to treat a girl with respect, he jokes, a gentleman should offer a Marlboro "with its fine flavor and exclusive selectrate filter." He should also listen carefully, take her to nice places like the Bureau of Weights and Measures, and show that he is well-informed. Below the article are the words, "To the list of things girls like, add the king-size, unfiltered Philip Morris Commander."