American Association of University Women

The AAUW Offers Loans to Female Dickinsonians

September 12, 1926

In a letter to Dean Meredith, Mrs. J. Lynn Barnard informs the Dean of Women that the local chapter of the AAUW will be offering loans to female college students.

President Morgan's Letter and Questionnaire Sent to the American Association of University Women

November 1, 1921

In response to Gertrud Martin's letter dated October 27, 1921, President Morgan sent Martin a brief letter explaining what was enclosed as well as a questionnaire addenda. The addenda contains information regarding female faculty members at Dickinson College in the 1920s. According to Morgan, at this point there were three female faculty members: Louise d. Vilaine (Associate Professor of Romance Languages), Josephine Brunyate Meredith (Dean of Women and Associate Professor of English), and Hazel J. Bullock (Associate Professor of Romance Languages).

President Morgan Contacts the American Association of University Women In Regard to Membership

October 27, 1921

In a letter dated October 27, 1921, Gertrude Martin, the Executive Secretary of the American Association of University Women, wrote to President Morgan regarding Dickinson College's membership application to the AAUW. Martin apologizes for the delay and asks President Morgan to fill out and return a survey she enclosed. The application will then go before committee. ..

"Alumnae Clubs"

February 1924

Alumnae of the college would form active Dickinson Clubs in the cities they moved to and habitually reported to the 'Alumnus.'
The Philadelphia Club included about 70 Dickinsonians who lived in the vicinity in 1923. They met twice a year. Grace Filler, class of 1910, was secretary.
In Atlantic City, there were 7 Dickinson Alumnae, all of which were affiliated and worked actively with the A. A. U. W. (American Association for University Women). Mabel Kirk, class of 1905, sent the report of a sketch they presented to the 'Alumnus.'