Alumni Council

Katherine Smith Becomes New Member of Alumni Council

September 1958

Mrs. Katherine Smith Carpenter of the class of 1925, along with C. Richard Stover of the class of 1936, became the newest members of the Alumni Council at the Council's commencement meeting.  Mrs. Carptenter is the law partner of her husband, Clyde Carpenter, '26, and her son, Clyde, Jr., '48. 

Appold Fears that New Notions of Feminism will Force Dickinson College to Allow Women onto the Alumni Council

October 18, 1926

In this letter dated October 18, 1926, Trustee L. T. Appold wrote to President Morgan to further discuss the admitance of female graduates to the Alumni Council. Appold explained that "I am always opposed to this feminism which puts a woman on because she is a woman." He argues that if there were an outstanding woman she would be on the board. Until there is one, Appold conteded that the matter should be left alone.

Trustee Appold Opposess Allowing Female Graduates on the Alumni Council

August 19, 1926

In a letter to president Morgan, Dickinson College Trustee Lemuel T. Appold expresses concern regarding the possibility of allowing women on the Alumni Council. Claiming that his opinon on the matter has noting to do with his negative stance on coeducation at Dickinson, Appold argued that this could have a negative affect on the organization. Moreover, few women were a part of the organization at this time.