Education Reform

S. Margaret Gruber's 1909 Essay "The Education of Woman in America"


In her 1909 essay "The Education of Woman in America", S. Margaret Gruber traced the history of women's education and argued that women's higher education was essential. She began her essay by discussing the history of women's education from "household drudgery" to women's higher education. She argued that women's higher education did not impare women's health but made them more vigorous. Moreover, she asserted that women who attended institutions of higher education did still marry and bear children.

Sarah H. Kistler's Essay "The Evolution of the Fittest Education", 1901


In her essay titled "The Evolution of the Fittest Education," Sarah H. Kistler analyzed the education system in the United States. She wrote that education "should be the whole system of preparation of youth for the life and work coming to the individual, to help on the pregress of the race by his influecne with, and work for , the fellow man.