Nelson, Helene

Female Students Petition the Board of Trustees for Better Living Conditions

June 9, 1913

On June 9, 1913, the Board of Trustees received a letter from the "girls of Lloyd Hall," demanding the Trustees acknowledge the poor conditions in which the women lived. In particular, the women mentioned the unsanitary conditions, the crowding, and the poor ventilation. Moreover, the women assert that the, "absence of fire escapes make Lloyd Hall a veritable death trap." The women asked that the building be renovated for the next school year.

"Personals" - What Now? [Part 4]

February 1924
  • Lily Mault, class of 1895 (Law School) became the President of the Woodhaen Women's Republican Club.
  • Jessie Houck, class of 1901, married and become Mrs. N. H. Shaffer. She moved to Oak Lane.
  • Elizabeth M. Craighead, class of 1901, became a French teacher in a Worcester, MA High School.
  • Edith Super, class of 1902, married a Mr. Clifford Anderson. Both were from Bakersfield, California. They became the "happy parents" of David Byron.

1913-14 Constitution of the Young Women's Christian Association

September 1913

Included in the 1913 student handbook, published by the Christian associations, is the full constitution of the Young Women's Christian Association. Prior to 1913 only parts of the YWCA constitution were printed in the student handbook. The constitution included information on membership, meetings, Bible study, mission study, missionary work, conventions, student conferences, and its mission statement.