Morgan, Julia

Alumni Notes - Class of 1911

May 1927

Dr. Julia Morgan, graduate of 1911, had a post in Tsinanfu, Shantung. She remained there and continued working until she was ordered out by the Consul. When this happened, she set on her way home by way of Europe.

Death of Mrs. Morgan

May 1927

     Mary R. Curran (Mrs. J. H. Morgan), Dickinson graduate of 1888, and wife of President J. H. Morgan died on the morning of April 22, 1927.

"Personals" - What Now? [Part 5]

May 1924
  • Margaret Saxton, class of 1900, went on to teach modern languages in the Julia Richman High School in NYC.
  • Mary C. Love, later married to a Mr. Collins, was member of the graduate class of 1902. She became a Kentucky lawyer and national executive head of the Chi Omega Fraternity.
  • Laura Harris was a non-graduate of the class of 1908. She married Major E.D. Ellis and agreed to move to Cambridge, MA for two years when he was offered a detail as a student in the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.

"Personals" - What Now? [Part 1]

May 1923
  • Elizabeth R. Bender, class of 1888, did missionary work in Japan for several years before she had to return due to health problems. She went on to take charge of the New York District of the Women's Foreign Missionary Society, whose offices were located at 150 Fifth Avenue NY.
  • Anna M. Geiger Heckman, class of 1897, became the wife of the District Superintent of Harrisburg District, Central Pennsylvania M. E. Conference.
  • Mrs. Mary Love Collins, class of 1902, was the National President of Chi Omega Sorority.