Egyptian Co-ed on Dickinson

October 25, 1963

An article in The Dickinsonian chronicles the Dickinson adventures of Laila Nada, a freshman co-ed from Egypt who had never left her country before coming to Dickinson. A biology major, the international co-ed wanted to continue her education after Dickinson and planned to remain in the United States over the summer. She reported that Dickinson students were more friendly than Egyptians and admitted that she would like to see a women's swimming team at Dickinson.

Women Become Leaders As Men Leave for World War II

Fall 1990

In an interview, Helen Alexander Bachman (Class of 1946) explains that the role of women changed during World War II: as men joined the service, women became leaders at Dickinson. She remembers one female classmate who became editor, or another high-up position, for the Dickinsonian.