McFarland, Pam

Feminist Leader Comes to Speak at D-son

May 1974

As an author, attorney, film editor, and feminist, Florynce Kennedy is a “catalyst to and for all women” and serves as “a symbol of women’s capacity to be agents for change.”  The Dickinson Women’s Newsletter announces that Kennedy will come to campus to speak in ATS on May 9, 1974.  “A dynamic spokesperson,” says the article, Kennedy has quite a reputation, “one of being inspirational, thought-provoking and identity-shaking for women students.”

Having Options as Women: H.O.W. ?

April 1974

Thirty female Dickinson students attended a workshop at the Harrisburg Women’s Center entitled “Having Options as Women” on Saturday March 2, 1974, reports the Women’s Newsletter.  The goal of the workshop was to stimulate awareness and concern for women’s roles in the job market.  At the event, women were encouraged to strive for positions in decision or policy-making positions.  Resource women were available to speak with students on an individual basis at the workshop about developing many different skills to allow for the possibility of different career options.

Women and The Law

January 1974

An article by  Pam McFarland in the Dickinson Women’s Newsletter reveals that women are wanted by the law.  The article reports a law school recruitment conference held in October at Syracuse University which was attended by 250 women.  There, women had the opportunity to meet with recruiters from nine different law schools including Stanford, New England School of Law, and Dickinson, among others, while information about testing and admissions was covered.  Panel discussions also took place at the conference; speakers included New York state Senator Carol Bellamy, Carol Libow, a partner at

Field Trip to Aid Women With Career Opportunities

November 3, 1972

On November 10th, 1972, junior and senior women of the College had an opportunity to expand their knowledge of career opportunities for women by sponsering a trip to Washington Opportunities for Women (W.O.W.). Originally focusing on the jobs for women of low economic status, the W.O.W. bureau, a branch of the Department of Labor, extended its function to include career counseling for women of all ages and backgrounds.

Ms. Pam McFarland was the organizer of the trip, and 40 female students attended.

College Explores Female Role in Contemporary World

September 22, 1972

During the weekend of October 5-8th of 1972, a College symposium entitle "Voices of Today's Woman" took place. The committee composed of the Dean of Women Mary Watson Carson, Pam McFarland, who was a graduate intern at the College, and a group of women students planned a diverse program consisting of a play, panel discussions, guest speakers and get-togethers.

Pam McFarland, Aiding Dean Of Women to Design Programs for Campus

September 15,1972

Serving as Coordinator of Women's Programs, Pam McFarland was assigned a position as one of the two resident interns at Dickinson College. Working with several administrators during the day, McFarland also had an opportunity to attend graduate school at Shippensburg in the evenings. At Dickinson College her duties included arranging the schedule of speakers, workshops,as well as films for women on campus. Some of the events and ideas included:

-Showing and the discussing the movie "Growing Up Female," which traced the socialization of women.