Women's Debating Team

Women Debaters Get Briefs Torn in "Sweat Box"

October 5, 1962

The Dickinsonian staff reprinted an article from February 25, 1922 in honor of the college's 90th anniversary. Entitled "Women Debaters Get Briefs Torn in 'Sweat Box'," this article explains that women on the debate team did not "hold themselves above using methods employed by the opposite sex when it comes to winning honor for Dickinson." They adopted the "sweat box" method of the men's debate team in order to prepare for competition and have withstood gulling at the hands of faculty coaches.

Women's Debating Teams

September 1922-23

According the the 1922-23 student handbook, published by the college's Christian organizations, two women's debating teams were formed in 1921. After competitive try-outs, one team from the Harman Literary Society and one team from the McIntyre Literary Society were selected as the two teams to represent the school. The Harmon debating team included: Esther Reigel, Laura High, Elizabeth McCrea,  and Eleanor Klemm. Members of the McIntyre debate team were, Elizabeth DeMaris, Kathryn Smith, Margaret Eslinger, and Mary Garland.