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This photograph depicts three women mending toys. The caption below the picture reads "Social Work-Mending Toys."

Date: c1940

In her essay titled "The Civic Movement Among Women," Alice M. Clarkson analyzed women's influence in civic and reform movements of the early twentieth century. She argued that women's position as mothers in the home made them ideal candidates for social reform. She wrote, "They are the natural domestic housekeepers, and what more proper than that they should become civic housekeepers? they abate nuisances in the household. Why not in the city?" Clarkson contended that women's patience and persitence made them ideal reformers.

Date: 1908

This photo is of the Y.W.C.A. sitting on the porch of Metzger Hall. The women in the image are not identified.

Date: 1923

This photo depicts a female Dickinsonian in her costume from the Doll Dance. The dolls collected for underprivileged children surround her.

Date: circa 1915

In a pamphlet entitled "Topics of the Y.W.C.A. of Dickinson College Winter and Spring Terms," Dickinson's Y.W.C.A. outlines there events for the year. Such events include discussions on aid to women in other countries, health, "Mormonism as a Menace" and "What a College Girl Owes to Her Home Church." They also scheduled joint meeting with Dickinson College's Y.M.C.A.

Date: 1913