Co-ed Class Interference Not Tolerated at Dickinson

President Morgan's Advice to Dean Meredith

President J. H. Morgan wrote to the Dean of Women, Josephine Meredith, about an instance of "class interference" at Metzger Hall informing her of what her actions should be. The President informs Dean Meredith that an incident of the sophomore and freshman classes terrorizing each other had occurred before, about thirteen years ago, and announced that no such interferences would be allowed. Any young woman who would participate in such events would be considered "Wise to withdraw from the College" because it is in the College's interest to keep up a good reputation. President Morgan advises Dean Meredith that she "cannot...say too strongly to the young women at Metzger that class interference will not be tolerated, and that any who would engage in it would much better withdraw voluntarily."