Social Rules Evaluation Committee Approved by Sui Generis

February 20, 1961

According to the official minutes of Sui Generis, a local women's sorority with a non-selective policy, the proposal of a Social Rules Evaluation Committee was approved in 1961. The main purpose of the Committee was to create a system of accountability for those members of sororities who were caught drinking. According to the minutes, "violations would be reported to the sorority president who would warn the offender to turn herself in or else the violation would be recorded against the group as a whole." Dean Stevens assisted in the creation of the proposal, and it was noted in the minutes that other sororities and the independent women would be accountable to the same rules. A rule was suggested that drinking be permitted with a chaperone and during certain hours. Dean Stevens was recorded as saying that these and many other rule changes were being considered.

Location of Document in Archives
RG 8/20 Sui Generis Box 1 Folder 3