Women's Center will soon open. "Women's Center will host feminist events"

February 23, 1984

This article, written by Marcy Feldman, describes the resources that will soon be available at the opening of the Women's Center on March 1, 1984. "The Women's Center, intended to provide a meeting place for women's groups on campus...will offer lectures and exhibits focusing on feminist issues. The Women's Center is also intended to raise women's consciousness of pertinent issues on and off campus."
Feldman's article describes the opening lecture planned to focus on an essay by Virginia Wolfe followed throughout the course of the semester by a reading by poet Sonia Sonchez, speaker Kate Dvorak, and discussions throughout the semester on "What is Feminism." Additionally, the Women's Center planned on providing a feminist library and exhibits and a field trip to the Women's Conference at Gettysburg College on April 7, 1984.
Providing a Women's Center was proposed by the President's (Samuel Banks) Commission on the Status of Women and was comprised of asdministration, faculty, and students, male and female. Other active women's groups on campus such as EFFORT, Freshman Women's Council and the Zatae Longsdorff Organization will soon be able to use the facilities.
Members of the board include Ellen Rosenman, Assistant Professor of English, Sharon O'Brien, Professor of English, Chaplain Mary Anne Morefield and students Pat Carter and Rena Convissor.

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