"Advice to the Freshman"

October, 1887

"Advice to the Freshman" is a piece written in the 1887 October Dickinsonian, giving some tips to the incoming freshman class. One part of the piece gives advice to the freshman women about their appearances. Just as the upper classman call upon the men to make themselves more presentable to them, they "would also enjoin this upon the female portion of the class as well, for there is no telling what ludicrous fashion may come into vogue in this unsettled state of the female fashion world." The upper classman realize though that there can be "no iron rules laid down for the gentler sex...they do as they please anyways." Despite this observation on the female classmates, they decide to tell them anyways how they should dress and wear their hair.

Location of Document in Archives
The Dickinsonian, October 1887, vol. XV, no. 1