Women Singing in Metzger Hall

September, 1950

This candid shot of women singing at Metzger Hall was taken in September of 1950. The women in this photograph are as follows, from left to right, Jean McAnally (Class of 1954), Rebecca Simmons (Class of 1954), Ann Barnard (Class of 1954), Suzanne Ritter (Class of 1954), Barbara Winey (Class of 1954), Alice Hamer (Class of 54), Elizabeth Tivney (Class of 1954), Jean Rowe (Class of 1952), and Mary Shelley (Class of 1954).

Location of Document in Archives
RG7F Students Candids c. 1950

Dominic Tivney (not verified)

Sat, 03/05/2011 - 12:36

Hello, I just stumbled accross this site and was surprised to see the name of Tivney, obviously it is very unusual and there are not many of us. I and most of the others live in the UK-all related of course and Elizabeth must be one of us ! we are aware of a John Tivney in the US also..