Student Government Reorganizes to Meet New Dormitory Needs

c. 1942

Circa 1942, The Metzger Council divided itself into three new councils in addition to a fire drill committee to better provide for Dickinson's female students. A fire drill committee was created of Helen Kretschmar, Arline Mills, Nancy Tatnall, and Nancy Person in which regular drills would be planned. Of the Metzger Council, there was now the Senior House Council (Alice Holstein, Norma Gardner, Mary Mackie, Josephine Matthews), the Metzger Hall Council (Betty Faddis (head of house), Edith Lingle (head of social committee), Sue Smith (head proctor), Margaret Schaeffer, Barbara Elder, Marion Bell, Dorothy Kitto. There was also the Freshman Annex Council-- Carolyn Boylhard, Margaret Weber, Elizabeth Rocky and Christine Meyers. In this announcement there are also the seeds of the creation of a Freshmen Women's Tribunal so that "freshmen will be dealt with in groups and that forms of social ostracism will not be used." Plans were also put into motion for an Open House at Metzger Hall, Senior House, and the Freshman Annex.

[From Marion Bell's personal scrapbook]

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