Dean Meredith Debates Denying Females to Dances

February 16, 1920

A letter between the Dean of Women, Josephine Meredith, and Dean Filler discusses the allowance, or denial, of female students requesting to go to certain local dances. Gertrude Chrisman was noted as requesting to go to a dance in Harrisburg with a Mr. Duffy, but is to be denied by Dean Meredith because "no men in that Fraternity are regular callers at this house." Another dance that Dean Meredith makes mention of is Mrs. Parker's dance, where about eighteen of the female students were invited. According to the Student Government rules, it says that "students shall attend no public evening dances." In the past, the women had been allowed to go to such dances and Dean Meredith considers to allow them to go anyway, but it "will mean that we shall be obliged to let them to go to the other...dances that Mrs. Parker gives in the spring."

Location of Document in Archives
RG 8/122 Women's Student Government Association Box 1 Folder 10