Out With the Old Rules, In With the New

November 4, 1919

President J. H. Morgan writes to the Dean of Women, Josephine Meredith, regarding the revision of the Self-Government rules for the young women at Metzger Hall. The President strongly feels that the revision of these new rules should be mostly designed by the young women of the college, but with Dean Meredith's discretion on the direction of the rules. One of the many changes to the rules he brings forth is the fact that some of the co-eds are asked to "go out into the country for rides-in a buggy or car." He expresses his extreme dislike for the women to take these rides "alone with an escort unchaperoned" and advises against the "riding of single couples." President Morgan also expresses a dislike for unknown young men who come to visit the women at campus. He feels it is unwise to "have the young women of the college go out for walks or go to entertainments with the strange young man who might come." Dean Meredith, President Morgan hopes, would help the young women of the college come to the most reasonable and responsible rules that best respect the college's image.

Location of Document in Archives
RG 8/122 Women's Student Government Association Box 1 Folder 10