Second Annual Report of the President's Commission on the Status of Women at Dickinson College (1973-1974)

June 1974

In this report, the possibility of a Women's Center is mentioned. Opponents believed that this would be discrimination against men. While no center existed at the time, the Commission garnered its own bulletin board in the basement of Old West. , had an "open house" for its members and others, luncheons in HUB siderooms, and stressed the importance of getting all the Service Support Personnel who were women to be a part of the Commission. The Commission on the whole dealt with all female issues and grievances from the student body as well as faculty and staff, trying to protect women's rights as students and employees. It also analyzes hiring practices, and demonstrates openings in departments for the following year and what gender filled that gap. 25% of the openings hired women. Salary was also discusses as a dividing factor between the sexes. Athletics were also analyzed by sport and ratio of coach/student athletic based on gender.

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RG 4/6 1.1.2 Commission on the Status of Women