Dickinson College Attendance Regulations

February 1, 1946

This pamphlet highlights the many rules governing Dickinson students regarding attendance, including special rules and penalties. Class could only be missed for chapel or medical necessities, either due to illness or prearranged for appointments. Demerits were received for skipped classes and being late, even for Physical Education classes. Every unexcused absense was worth 5 demerits, but that was doubled if it was the day before or following a holiday break. 15 demerits were given for missing "any college event which replaces the usual work of the College." Once a student received 50, they would be placed on probation and would have to do another semester hour of work. Once a student received 100, they will be asked to leave.

Location of Document in Archives
Unprocessed 1944-45 Dickinson College Coeducation, Rules and regulations (Dean of Women Archives)