President Morgan Advises Dean Meredith to Alter the Rules for Women at Metzger Hall

November 4, 1919

In a letter dated November 4, 1919, President Morgan writes to Dean Meredith regarding the rules of conduct for women at Metzger Hall after viewing them in a copy of the yearbook. Morgan argues that the present system of self-governance among the women is most desireable. However, he is concernd that the rules in place are lax and "too loosely drawn." This is particularly evident in reference to the rules regarding Hall absences. Morgan explains there are, "opportunities to multiply absences from the Hall so that anyone disposed to use all the chances to do so might be out of the Hall a very large protion of the nights of the whole year. Fortunately the young women of the college are of such character that few of them would take advantage of this possible opportunity... We must protect the few from themselves." Consequently, Morgan beleived that the women of Dickinson College should continue to self-govern with the help of Dean Meredith. He told Dean Meredith that she must know where the girls are at all times, never allow them to go on buggy or automobile rides with a single man unchaperoned, and to not allow college women to leave campus with men not affiliated with the school. In closing, Morgan explained that Metzger Hall must opperate like a "well regulated family."

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