"Coeducational Organizations" in Dean Meredith's Report "Women at Dickinson College"


In her report "Women at Dickinson College," Josephine B. Meredith discussed coed organization at Dickinson College. She explained that there were seven such organization. They included:

  1. Y.M. and Y. W. Council
  2. All-College Social Committee
  3. Class organizations
  4. Dickinsonian
  5. Dramatic Club
  6. Dickinson-in-China
  7. Freshman Hand Book

Meredith explained that the men and women worked well together. However, she added that "It is pretty well understood by every body that boys occupy all important offices and chairmanship, though often there may not be the real leaders." There are occasionally joint Literary Society Meetings, joint Glee Club concerts. Such meetings go well. There is no debating for girls although debating is theoretically open to girls. No real effort was ever made to enlist their interest.


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