'23 Girls Try North

October 17, 1919

Do We? Yes they did.  We saw them, and one of the faculty whispered in our ear, "what kind of a vaudeville show do you call this anyway?"  The one question voiced ignorance, and looked askance at the Freshman Girls as they wended their way in the North entrance, exclusively alloted to the verdant masculine of the class.  It seemed that they were so entering under some unseen compulsion, but each lassie, so compelled appeared to be enjoying it immensely.  Later rumors bring the news that there was an initiation of the feminine Fresh out Metzger-way, and that part of the fracas was carried over thusly.  Ellis Parker Butler once wrote an academic treatise on "Girls will be Girls," and we can only say a fervent Amen to this bit of philosophy.  Our curious frame of mind is appeased, but such happenings place us in a still more inquisitive state.  We would that the Metzger correspondent would turn her sixteen candle power fountain pen on this mystery.  We can only wait--and guess.

Location of Document in Archives
The Dickinsonian, October 17, 1919, page 4-5