Bryn Mawr Fellowship Winner

August 1923

Helen L. Witmer graduated in the year 1919; and set off to the University of Wisconsin, where she obtained her master's degree. There she applied and was awarded the Bryn Mawr Fellowship in social economy, valued at $810 at the time it was bestowed. It was to be used between 1923-1924, after wich she would return to Winsconsin to get her Ph. D.

In a letter published (without her knowledge) by the Dickinson Alumnus, she says the following: "I was awarded [the fellowship] due to the influence of the famous Dr. Ross ... and the good reputation which Dickinson enjoys at Bryn Mawr. There has been a succession of Dickinson girls there - Helen Scheaffer, Nora Mohler, Constance Springer, Agnes Woods [etc.] ...and they have done such good work that B. M. is willing [to] take me as a good risk."

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Dickinson Alumnus August 1923