President's Council Minutes: Concerns Over Class Trips/Lateness to the Dorms

November 1, 1961

During the Presidents' Council (Women's Interdormitory Council) meeting of November 1, 1961 the issue of women arriving back late to their dorms due to a class trip was discussed and the question of excusing the "late minutes" was raised, as was possible actions to avoid a similar situation:

Cases: "Several dorms reported girls coming in 20 minutes to two hours late Friday, Oct. 27, due to late arrival from a trip to Lycoming College. Their late minutes were excused because they were not entirely responsible for being late. One girl did not know what time she was to be in as a memo from the Dean did not get to Biddle and several of the girls were told by the professor sponsoring the trip that he had arranged their lateness with the Dean. It was stressed, however, that women students on a trip of this kind should make it their responsibility to know when they are expected back, to see that the group arrived back as close to this time as possible, and to call the dorm if they will be a half hour or more late. Dean Wishmeyer will stress to the faculty the importance of getting girls back on time from these trips. it was also pointed out that a girl arriving back earlier than the special late permission grants should return to the dorm immediately. Girls wanting special permissions to attend a movie recommended by professors, etc., should speak to their housemother and have her call the Dean for permission."

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RG 8/103 Women's Interdormitory Council, Box 1 Folder 2