Presidents' Council Minutes: Requests for Casual Clothes and Sunbathing

April 4, 1962



During the Presidents' Council (Women's Interdormitory Council) meeting of April 4, 1962, the representatives of Sellers House requested that women be allowed to wear casual clothes to Saturday night dinner. In addition, representatives of McIntire requested  permission to use their building's fire escape for sunbathing (this request was denied): 



  • "Sellers Report: Sellers asked if girls could wear casual clothes to dinner Saturday nights as the boys in Morgan dress casually for this meal. The other dorms in Morgan were favorable to the suggestion, as was Drayer. It was felt that not many prospective students would be eating this meal at the college and that guests would appreciate the same privilege. The matter will be discussed in house councils and with house directors.
  • McIntire Report: McIntire asked permission to use the fire escape for sunbathing but the dean said this would not be possible."






Location of Document in Archives
RG 8/103 Women's Interdormitory Council, Box 1 Folder 2