Hurrah for Coeducation! Exhibit Opens

Winter 2010

Dickinson Magazine reports the creation and opening of Hurrah for Coeducation!, an exhibit in Dickinson's Archives & Special Collections chronicling and celebrating the 125th anniversary of women studying at the college.  In the summer of 2009 interns Allyson Glazier, Cassidy Dermott, Alli Schell - all of the class of 2011 - teamed up under the guidance of special collections librarian Malinda Triller to compile artifacts of many types relating to the history of women at Dickinson.  The exhibit displayed photographs, letters, maps, and various other artifacts organized in cases by subjects and issues relating to the experience of being a female student at Dickinson.  In July of that summer, the Archives held "Za-Tea," an exhibit preview named after Zatae Longsdorff, the first woman to graduate from the college.  In conjunction with the exhibit was the creation of this very Women's Expereriences blog, where documentation of and contribution to women's history at Dickinson lives on.