Senior marries serviceman during World War II

December 15, 1989

Wilma B. Prescott (Class of 1945) shares in an interview how she married her husband during her senior year at Dickinson. Her husband had graduated in 1943 and was at the Great Lakes. When he had ten days furlough in February 1945, Prescott took ten days off to marry him. When she returned from her honeymoon, Professor Grimm, who taught Spanish, greeted her, "Buenos dias, senora," referring to her marital status. Prescott reports that it was normal to be married while still attending college. Other female students married their husbands-to-be. As a married woman, Prescott was not allowed to live on campus and instead lived with her in-laws in Carlisle. Prescott explains, "It seemed very, very normal because, you know, it was the person you were going to marry and the war just hurried it up a little bit."

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World War II Oral History, Prescott, Wilma B.