Ms.Tucker Claims "the American woman's second-class status has been her own fault."

September 29,1972

Honorable C. DeLores Tucker, Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1972 was the main speaker in "Voices of Today's Women" Seminar. Her address was, "Where Do We Go From Here? An Appraisal of the Expanding Role of Women in the 1970's?" was given on Friday, October 6th in the Social Hall. Ms. Tucker was the first Black woman ever named to a Cabinet post in Pennsylvania and was the highest ranking Black woman in the state government in the country at the time. She was also the first Black vice-chairman of the Democratic State Party.

One of the quotes stated by Ms.Tucker was, "Much of the American woman's second-class status has been her own fault. While the white male power structure has conditioned us to accept the subordinate slot, and massive social pressure has discouraged us from asserting ourselves beyond the home, women themselves have embedded this image..."

Ms. Tucker was the recipient of the 1961 National NAACP Freedom Fund Chairman Award, and was awarded the 1963-64 Service Achievement Award.

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Dickinsonian September 29, 1972