AAUP Accepts Report on Women Faculty

October 27,1972

In October of 1972 the American Association of University Professors unanimously adopted the "Recommendations and Report on the Status of Women in the Academic Profession" at Dickinson College. The primary questions concerned the number of women in decision-making roles to serve as models for the women students and the salaries of women in comparison to those of men with equal qualifications and responsibilities.

The women of the Subcommittee on Research and Recommendations of the Committee of the Dickinson College Chapter of the American Association of University Professors collected, analyzed, and presented the data in the report. Some of the recommendations included:

1) that more women faculty members be appointed-specifically six to eight full time equivalents- and that these be women who are "eligible to participate fully in...faculty responsibilities and benefits;"

2)that there be an "active recruitment of women for the upper professorial ranks,"

The 1972 evaluation report of the Middle States Association, cited in the paper, mentioned specifically "the scarcity of women and minority group representatives" on the Faculty and staff of the College. In the realm of salary, the average salaries of men and women faculty members were compared by rank. It was stated that "In each case the average salary for the men excceds the average salary for women." As the percentages of female students increased, the ratio of female faculty barely made any change.

Location of Document in Archives
Dickinsonian October 27,1972