Student governance

Presidents' Council Minutes: Council Declines Membership in National Women's Organization

December 13, 1961

During the Presidents' Council (Women's Interdormitory Council) meeting of December 13, 1961, it was mentioned that the Council had been offered and declined membership to an un-named national women's organization:

  • "National Women's Government: The president mentioned receiving a letter inviting Presidents' Council to join a national women's government organization. It was decided this had no real benefits to offer and would cost $25 that was not available."

President's Council Minutes: All-College Dance Concerns

October 18, 1961

During the Presidents' Council (Women's Interdormitory Council) meeting of October 18, 1961, issues related to the (upcoming) all-campus dance were discussed, including dorm closing procedures and the saftey of women walking home from the dance:

"Other Discussions: Suzy Cooper explained the dorm closing proceedure [sic] on the night of an all-college dance. The Council was asked to think about the problem of girls walking home alone to dorms on the outskirts of campus."

President's Council Minutes: Curfews and Late Hours

October 11, 1961

During the Presidents' Council (Women's Interdormitory Council) meeting of October 11, 1961 specifics of women’s curfews and the possibilities of taking “late” hours was discussed and debated. Drayer and Biddle Halls put forth dorm specific suggestions:

"Correction to October 4 minutes: When a girl has signed up for two late hours and arrives back at the dorm 19 minutes or less after the first late hour is up, she may take the extra minutes as late minutes rather than take the second late hour.

Presidents' Council Minutes: Changes in Curfew Rules/Dis 'N Data

October 4, 1961

During the Presidents' Council (Women's Interdormitory Council) meeting of October 4, 1961 a variety of suggestions were put forth in regards to curfew and rules, particularly those within the rule book/advice guide given to women students-Dis 'N Data:

Elizabeth Anna Low Agrees to write her Personal Account of Early Coeducation at Dickinson College

January 19, 1951

In a letter to Dickinson College Historian Charles Coleman Sellers, Elizabeth Anna Low agrees to write her account of early coeducation at Dickinson College. However, she asked Sellers to be more clear on what he expected. In the letter, Low begins describing early coeducation at Dickinson. She explains that "there was undoubtedly some feeling about the admission of women, but much of it had disappeared by the time I reached there." Despite this statement, Low recalls an election in which her name was removed due to her gender and not being admitted to the literary societies.

Women's Senate Draws up Constitution for Joint Senate

April 28, 1924

The April 28, 1924 Women's Senate meeting minutes recorded more discussion and action towards a joint student senate. A proposed constitution for a joint senate was read, and several changes were suggested. After these changes were fixed, the senate accepted the constitution. No further information was given on the response from the college or the Men's Senate on the proposed joint constitution.

Freshmen Women Must Wear Arm Bands Above the Elbow!

February 25, 1924

The Women's Senate minutes from February 25, 1924 discussed once again, the disciplinary action that must be taken for the freshman rule for the arm bands. It was ordered by the secretary to post notices for the freshmen that they "should wear armbands in all games, gymnasium classes, etc and that they must be worn above the elbow."

Female Student Brought Before the Senate for "Improper Dancing"

February 18, 1924

The February 18, 1924 minutes for the Women's Senate documents the case of a female student brought before the senate to be reprimanded. The student in question was reprimanded by the President for "improper dancing at the last Kappa Sigma dance." Dean of Women, Josephine Meredith, was consulted about the proper punishment for the student's improper behavior. The Women's Senate "expressed themselves as against any improper dancing among Dickinson girls." Any punishments for the student's behavior were not mentioned in the minutes from this meeting.

Joint Meeting Between Men's and Women's Senates Held

April 11, 1923

On April 11, 1923, the minutes from the Women's Student Senate documented that a joint meeting of both the Men's and Women's Senates was held at the chapel. A discussion of the Honor System occurred at the meeting. The Women's Senate passed a motion for the creation of a questionnaire for the senior women to remark on their views of the college's condition.

New Rules for Freshmen Women Considered

April 30, 1923

The discussion of new freshman rules at the April 30, 1923 meeting of the Women's Student Senate were documented in the senate's minutes. At the meeting, some of the following rules were suggested: that "there should be no curled hair for the first two weeks...there should be no powder or cosmetics for a certain period...[and that] it should be compulsory that...stockings be worn for a certain length of time..." The minutes mentioned no further action on these rules.