"Historical" in " Women at Dickinson College" - by Josephine Brunyate Meredith

circa 1935

The introductory part of her report is entitled "Historical." In it she briefly accounts for the reasons women had not been admitted into Dickinson College up until 1884 and outlines the various developments that arose from that year on. Developments addressed include: additions to faculty and trends in enrollment.

Trustees deemed admission of women prior to 1884 inadvisable due to the saturation of recitation rooms, but co-education for Dickinson had been discussed for some time before housing conditions allowed women to
be admitted.

Women's Basketball c. 1933

circa 1933

The Junior Basketball Group of 1932-33, the Class of 1934. Top row: E. Wentzel, J. Bastress, M. Jacots, M. Davis, E. Billow,

Bottom row: W. LaBau, H. Baker, R. Sharp (capt), H. Allen, E. Hibbs

Zeta Tau Alpha


Pictured here are the ladies of the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority in 1937.

Women's Student Government

c. 1933

Pictured here are the ladies of the Women's Student Government Association (Women's Student Senate) of 1933.

Riding at Dickinson


Riding at Dickinson was offered as a spring or fall "elective" for physical education provided an opportunity for female students to enjoy the "outdoor life" to take rides through the woods after learning the basics in a ring. According to the 1934 Microcosm, sometimes the College would plan long trips in which students could horseback ride over the mountains and cook dinner over a fire at the end of the ride.

1932 Portrait of Dickinson Female Archers


Photograph taken in 1932 of female archers within the Dickinson College's Physical Education Department. It can be found in the Josephine Meredith Scrapbooks as well as in the 1932 Microcosm, page 234. In the back row, left to right, are Eleanor F. Peters '34, Mary E. Bell '36, Jeanne C. Whittaker '33, Dorothy Hillig '33, (and in front, left to right) Elizabeth M. Pyles '34, Helen M. Epler '34, and Mary L. Loy '31.

McIntire Literary Society

c. 1933

Numbering over 60 women, the McIntyre Literary Society was created for the goals of literary appreciation and self-expression.  This photo documents the group in 1933.

Women's Archery

circa 1935

Photograph circa 1935 of women's archery practice.

Formal Occasion

c. 1935

Shown here in the alumni gymnasium is one of the many formal dances that took place on campus.  From the looks of the decor and garb, the photo is most likely from one of the spring formals, and perhaps circa 1935.

A New-(er) Plan for Unified Senate

March 21, 1934

After some consideration and review, O.D.K. considers a revised plan
for the all-College Senate. The women of Dickinson were not in favor of
the original plan which called for presidents of sororities to
“automatically receive seats in the Senate,” because that gave an unfair advantage to those already in a position of power.  Instead they hoped that
more un-affiliated women of the campus would be able to be involved.
After a meeting with O.D.K. and the Women’s Senate, it was decided that